Random Post

I feel like I havent blogged in SO long!!! I am going to do some blogs tomorrow but ive been ill the past week & still @ work (which I will go into tomorrow)

I received my prizes from jen too (just-jens-blog) & I love them so much and I will do a post on them tomorrow thank you so much!!!

I bought some new boots today from DP & a top from Miss Selfridge & the garnier 24 hour spot fighting mosturiser hope it works my head is so bad at the moment!

I hate being on this make up ban (project 10 pan)

I feel like its going too take me forever as I havent even finished one product yet I wish creams/hair stuff was involved because im always finishing them I might even start a cream 10 pan because that would be finished alot quicker!!

So tomorrow I will have so make up related posts/reviews on things I have been using recently & complaing about my job too!!

& Also check out cabyness’s giveaway click here too enter!!!



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