Some new stuff

It feels like I havent posted in so long, been pretty busy christmas shopping (still trying too find something for my dad, any suggestions?!)

Bought most of the presents and wrapped some of them too so im feeling good and not too stressed out!!

I have bought a few things since I last posted, a few lipsticks and some lush goodies but not too much as im waiting till after christmas too try and save some money! I bought revlons cherries in the snow and I never thought that I would wear a red lipstick but I love it!

I also bought natural collections apple blossom and can see why everyone raves about it!

As for lush, I bought a few bath bombs and some shower gels, Mmy mum stole the christmas pud bath bomb and said ‘it was okay’ as she prefers having a bubbly bath! I used cinders today and it made my bath green! Not the most attractive, but it smelt nice!!

I cant wait too use my satsumo santa (although my mums eyeing it up so id better use it before she does)

& also as me and my boyfriend were waiting int he LUSH que they gave us both a free so white bath bomb! There so nice @ lush!!

Going christmas shopping again tomorrow so I might come back with a few things for myself as you have too treat yourself!

Hope everyone is excited for christmas and has a lovely day!!




  1. December 19, 2009 / 2:26 am

    Crazy I used Cinders today as well! It looked like I had peed in my bath haha but god it smelt good!
    Hope you have had a nice week!

  2. December 28, 2009 / 4:04 pm

    im going to do my first shopping trip to lush tomorow! everyone seems to love it!

    Hey Guys Please Follow Me Im New To Blogging =)

  3. December 30, 2009 / 10:09 pm

    Cinders is my favourite Christmas bath product! Smells SO good! All the ones I've used turned my water yellow though haha.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, hope you have a fantastic New Years too xox

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