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Hey Lovelies!

today I am guest posting for the very lovely Hannah, who actually I
have known of for quite a while through Facebook. We both support the
same football team (Manchester United) so it’s quite normal for us to
like, or comment on each other’s Facebook status’ haha. It’s only
recently that me and Hannah found out we both beauty blogged at a recent
#bbloggers chat. So now it’s great we have even more in common than we
first thought!.

little about me ? – My name Is India and I’m a business &
management student, as well as being a total beauty obsessed blogger. I
run the “Jewel Beauty Blog” and really enjoy making new friends through
blogging.  I have decided to do a post on my most used summer lipstick!,
so I hope you all enjoy it.

Love India www.thejewelbeauty.blogspot.co.uk

MAC “Shy Girl”


think a good lipstick has to be one of my all time beauty “must haves”.
There is something about snapping a lipstick open, and putting it on
which just makes me feel fabulous. This summer I have swapped my Rouge
Coco Shines for this amazing MAC lipstick in the shade “Shy Girl”. It’s a
beautiful combination of a Peachy/Coral nude, and it’s warmth means
that it’s not “wishy washy” on the lips.

What I like ?

lipstick has just become a go to staple in my make-up collection. If I
have simple make-up on it looks great, and if I have more intense
make-up on it also looks great (You can’t loose with this one!). It’s
nice and creamy for a MAC lipstick, as I know some of them are hit and
miss. I also like the light fragrance, it’s quite sweetie and girly.

What I don’t like ?

isn’t much bad to say about this lipstick, as the colour is just
amazing. However, I am not a huge lover of the packaging, even though
the “bullet” is very iconic. I also do find this slightly drying, but I
think this is because I have only ever really used moisturising


would 100% recommend this shade to anyone who isn’t sure about a nude
that will suit there skin tone. This is probably one of the better
nude’s at being compatible with a range of skin tones. It is quite
expensive, but at around £14.00 it is still a lot cheaper than other
Nude shade ranges from brands like YSL & Chanel. This has become my
go to lipstick, and I don’t think it will be long until I need to
re-purchase this lovely new best friend of mine!. 

Rating – A


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  1. September 8, 2012 / 3:10 pm

    This is a lovely shade! I've never had a problem with any MAC lipstick, they are divine!x


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