Random Update

Oh hiiiiii I really do suck at posting a lot don’t I?

I thought I would update you with a few pictures! 

My parents have gone away for 2 weeks and left me in charge of the house (bearing in mind I have never used a washing machine/dishwasher/ironed or cooked any sort of meal before)

I know I know terrible seen as though I have a baby I should know how to do these sort of things right? Well me and my boyfriend thought we would give this cooking a go because It can’t be that hard, & here we have my results & I am quite proud!

Spaghetti! It tasted as good as it looks (If I do say so myself) & I am now in process of cooking a chilli I’m turning Into a pro chef!

I do have to include a picture of my poor burnt hand from the nasty oven! I touched it as I was taking out the garlic bread. Safe to say I won’t be doing that again because it flipping hell hurt.

I was staring outside my window the other day and saw a squirell in the garden munching on bread so I thought ‘aw I will take a picture’ & then he/she saw me and must of thought I was going to steal the bread off them because he did a runner! (don’t worry I’m not a fan of bread that’s been sat outside for ages!)

What Is an update without talking about the favourite little person In my life? He has started on food now well sort of, he sort of just laughs spits it out and swallows the teeniest bit but its so cute! Look how happy he is after I put him in his chair and place his bib on him!

As you can see he also loves his bath’s what kind of mum would I be If I never covered his head in lots of bubbles for a picture? love it.

He loves being outside in the breeze too (There was lot’s of sun although the picture doesn’t show that! but there was I promise)

Last but not least here he is staring at himself in the mirror (In miss selfridge) because obviously he loves his reflection as much as I love to stare at his cute face!

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