Joshua update!!! :)

So, How cute is my child? 

I love him so so much. I took him swimming for the first time this morning and he loved it! He is so obsessed with his baths in the night time so I thought he would love to go swimming too & I was right!

He got super excited splashing around and he looked really cute in his little swimming outfit! He has started eating full jars now at lunch time and having half a jar of desert and 4 ounces of milk! Hes a little fatty!

He also munches on his fist alot and doesn’t take it out of his mouth, everyone thinks hes teething but hes done it since he was little and I just think it’s a baby thing! 

The only one thing stressing me out about having Josh is the amount of people who give me ‘advice’ Don’t you think you should do this? Oh no you shouldn’t do that. It does my head in, and I think I should know my baby a little bit more than anyone else and know what I am doing, and hes a really happy baby so I must be doing something right!! 



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