Picture Update

Just a quick little post to say the lovely Felicity over at pursuit of felicity has given me a lovely new layout design, I love it! Do you like it?! 

Me and my baby are poorly today, we are both full up with colds and feeling very sorry for ourselves! It’s so horrible seeing him all sad and blocked up although I did manage to get a smile out of him for a photo yesterday!! My parents have been away this week and I needed to have a little (a big) clean up before they came home, I left Matt to entertain Josh and after 5 minutes I found them both asleep on the floor!! It’s such a hard life!

I really need to start blogging more but its so dark and miserable to take photos & by the time Josh has a 20 minute nap (it’s all he ever manages in the day!) I have to clean bottles and do all the motherly duty’s  & by the time 10 O clock comes I just want to jump into my cosy primark pyjamas and go straight to bed!!  



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