Beauty addiction.

Hello everyone, I am super depressed at the moment as I had to send my mac book off for repairs and I am using my huge bulky laptop I used to use, and it feels super weird!! I go on holiday to Ibiza in 8 days (I am so excited) Although a little nervous to take Josh on a plane and on holiday in the sun. I need to work out what I am aloud to take on the plane liquid/make up wise, so id anyone has a post on what they took in there hand luggage I would love to read it, so please link me down below. Also kind of nervous to put on a bikini! The thought of it kinda scares me a little, I haven’t wore one for 2 years, I have bought 6 new ones, which I know is kind of excessive but a girl has to treat her self sometimes right?

I think I have a problem with too many products… what do you all think? I was clearing out my bathroom cupboards the other day, and shoved everything on the floor and when I finished I was shocked!!! I mean who needs this many hair/body products?  I have a tonne of face washes/face scrubs, body moisturisers and hair sprays. I don’t need all this stuff I know that and I know it will take me so so long to finish using all these, so I am putting myself on a ban of buying body related products until I use up at least half of these things.

I think I need to start doing reviews of all the things I am using at the moment, as I haven’t really done many reviews before and this needs to change, I found it a lot easier to blog about things when I was pregnant and before I had Joshua, as obviously he takes up a lot of my time, and hardly ever sleeps in the day, and when he does I need to wash and tidy up! 

Are you going away anywhere this year?

Do you have a ridiculous amount of products too?



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