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Its my birthday in 28 days (not that I am counting or anything) & the top of my wish list for presents at the moment is skincare! I can’t get enough of skincare, It used to be full of clothes or make up the odd shoes and bags but now all I find myself thinking about when I am asked what I want it skincare.

Does that mean I’m getting old? I hope not. I 100% blame youtube and blog’s for my new found obsession, I read reviews and watching raved videos about all these item’s and they get jotted down in my memory of things I could ask for, for my birthday. My skin care routine at the moment is okay, I wouldn’t say I’m completely happy with it and I do want to change a few bits so this is my perfect chance to try out and test some new products.

I love a good face mask night, a pamper session is the perfect relaxation time after I put Joshua to bed, so of course I had to have a couple of my wish list. I own 3 face masks from Origins at the moment, and the out of trouble mask is one I have wanted to try for a while, mainly for its ‘slopping of oily slime’ claims, my skin is super oily at the moment and if this can help a little then chuck it my way please! I have never tried anything from Alpha H before, but all the hyper around liquid gold and the benefits from using it has sucked me in completely, so I have chucked the liquid gold and the liquid gold smoothing and perfecting face mask on my list of things I want too. I have never tried a eye mask before I didn’t really know they existed until I was browsing the origins website, Origins de puffery is a mask for your eyes which claims to lighten dark circles, help with the puffiness and make you feel more awake which lets be honest with a baby I need to feel as awake as possible!

Now onto the make up removers, I tend to use bioderma to take the bulk of my make up off and then go over it with a cleanser like the Liz Earle cleanse and polish but I am super bored of using that now so want to pick up something new, this is where the Emma Hardie cleansing balm comes in, you would of had to have taken a super long holiday away from the internet if you haven’t heard about this, it sounds perfect, makes your skin super soft and squeaky clean and lasts a while to. It’s the type of cleanser I enjoy to use I don’t know why but I love using thick gel type creams to remove my make up it feels super luxurious. Also the Clarins melt away gel cleanser sounds right up my street to, for the same reason’s I love the feeling of a gel cleanser to remove my make up so really want to give this one a whirl.

I need a new exfoliator in my life, I have tonnes of samples that I need to use up, and I am currently finishing off a st ives (which I have read aren’t even very good for your skin) but its basically nearly finished and in time for a new one to make its way to my bathroom. The origins never a dull moment face polisher looks lovely, I read a review before (I can’t remember who from) and she raved so much about it I nearly went out and purchased it right then but I resisted the urge and just chucked it up on this wish list instead! They couldn’t speak highly enough about it and Its on top of my exfoliating list.

I have no serums in my routine at the moment and I think I need to invest in some, the Estee lauder advanced night treatment is so talked about, and I have tried it before and really enjoyed using, I only had the sample sizes so did’t notice to much of a difference to my skin while using it, but I’m thinking if I carry on using it for however long it will last me it can only do good things for my skin! Another serumy type thing on my list is the Trilogy rose hip oil, I have seen no reviews on this but my sister in law swears by it so I really want to give it a try, have any of you tried it before?

That’s quite a lot of new skincare im lusting over, if you could only choose one out of the lot to try what would it be?




  1. June 18, 2013 / 8:31 pm

    the rosehip oil is a godsend! buy buy buy! xx

  2. June 19, 2013 / 8:10 pm

    This is basically my wishlist! I do have the origins mask and triology oil, can definitely recommend both x

    Amy /

  3. June 24, 2013 / 1:53 pm

    I really recommend Hydraluron, it's great! I have a big skincare wishlist at the moment too!

    Thanks for sending over your link, you have a lovely blog!
    Now following!



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