Fed up of the same clothes?

Hello everyone!! 

Today I had a meltdown a clothes meltdown, I can’t be the only one to get these can I? I walked into my room to find something to wear opened up my wardrobes and they were full of all clothes that either don’t fit, don’t look right or let’s face it just aren’t ‘on trend’ anymore. So what can I do? Chuck them all out? Give them to friends? well there is always eBay which can get a little pricey with all the fee’s they magic up on you before selling and after selling your clothes (which I hate) Or as I have just found out music magpie (the website I always assumed you only could sell your music and DVD’s I was wrong) are now giving you cash for your unwanted clothes!!!

I think it’s a great idea, what’s the point in having all old season’s clothes, or clothes you know you will never wear, even if you think you will in 2/3 years time like I always tell myself, you won’t they will just sit unloved in your wardrobe waiting collecting dust to never be wore again.

It is super easy to sell your clothes with music magpie, just type in the item you are looking to sell and click through the options such as size/material/length and then add the item to your basket and they will offer you money for your unwanted item. Do you want to know another amazing thing I love about this website? It’s all free! You send your clothes off for free by either going to your local sending office or arrange for there free pick up service to come and collect your items by a free fully insured courier.

It is the perfect way to get a little extra cash when you need it most, I know I love getting money for things I know I wont get any use out of thats why I do a lot of blog sales so you lovely lot can make the use out of my unwanted make up. 

So what to spend your money you have received on? obviously more clothes seen as you have just cleared out lots of space in your wardrobe you need to fill it up with this season’s new clothes right? I am obsessed with looking on websites and trawling town for clothes to wear, I love keeping up with the latest trends that are out and about in the shops and online, and pretty much every week I am getting a new delivery of clothes ordered oops. Here are a few things I am lusting after at the moment




I need a new summer wardrobe I have no casual bags to take out with me, so this tanned Miss Selfridge clutch would be perfect to add to my bag collection.

 I love anything rose gold (my Michael Kors watch doesn’t come off my arm) so these Miss Selfridge sandals soon were added to my wish list in a flash, I love the studded detail and the hint of mint green super pretty. 

I am loving floral ditzy dresses at the moment, the top blue corset dress from Miss Selfridge is so pretty, you can dress it up for the night time or casual in the day, which is what I seem to be doing at the moment, the bottom 2 dresses are from Primark and at a bargain £10 each you can afford to pick up a couple without breaking the bank, and chucked on with a pair of sandals for the daytime gives you a perfect summer outfit.

I love love love these topshop boots, I have seen them everywhere and they look amazing, I dont know if I would actually buy them because I don’t own a lot of boots but I really want to hop along to Topshop to try them on and see how they look, a good pair of boots last you ages, and these are definitely my top pick of the ones out at the moment.

I love crop tops paired with cute little skirts, and these also from Topshop look perfectly matched, I love the colours of the rose crop top and the blue polka dot skirt, and teamed together I think this would make such a cute outfit, I really want to go and try them on! 

The black shorts with white floral detail are perfect for wearing out in the night, I love a good pair of shorts for evening wear and these feel amazing (I felt them in the shop earlier is that weird?) These paired with a nice top and super high shoes would look great and I really want to pick up a pair.

Lastly I love layering bracelets together, they have some really nice ones in all the high street shops at the moment, I love these from River Island a mix of friendship bracelets, beaded bracelets and bracelets with little charms perfect to spruce up any outfit.

So what  do you all think? Have I inspired you to go and rummage through your wardrobe?  Clear out all the clothes you will never wear and earn so cash to buy yourself a new summer wardrobe!! Im going off for a de clutter now!




  1. June 7, 2013 / 8:30 am

    I've been wanting that little primark dress for aaaaaages! I'm hoping when I go home soon it'll be there!

    This is a pretty good idea to be honest cos I have a £50 rare play suit I've never worn but didn't wanna sell it on eBay because it will go for 99p

    Anyway. Keep up with the good work xxxx

    • June 7, 2013 / 8:40 am

      There lovely aren't they? I hope its there for you!

      Yes try it, make some extra cash! Thank you!! <3 xoxo

    • June 7, 2013 / 3:28 pm

      It is!!! I cant wait to get rid of my old clothes! Thanks hun! 🙂 xo

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