Monday hauling

Well helloooo there. 

Before I start this haul, I thought I would tell you I am planning on doing a haul every single day this week untill Sunday. Yes that’s right because I am a spendaholic and I can’t keep any money I get, and I shop way way way to much. I can’t help it, I really can’t I have some sort of spending addiction when it comes to make up and clothes and as you are all the same as me I thought I would share my addiction with you every single day.

So here goes day one Mondays haul;

 I needed some more casual clothes and vest tops, and I spotted my sister in law wearing really nice ones and she told me they were from oasis, a little more expensive than your usual Primark/New Look vests but they feel so soft and great quality I don’t mind spending that little bit more. I picked up the pretty coral one and a plain old boring white, but everyone needs a white vest in there wardrobe!

The next 2 things are from the Miss Selfridge sale, the jumper was around £14 and the top was £10, they fit so nicely and I love how bright and pretty the jumper is, add a bit of colour when it comes to winter as we will soon be moaning about how cold and rainy it is outside! The next 2 tops are from New Look the first was in the sale for £4.00 and the floral vest I bought as I needed some more basic tops in my collection, to chuck on with a pair of jeans or shorts dependant on the weather! The flowered dress is from Topshop’s petite collection and I love it, I love how its not to long on me as there petite dresses fit me so much better than there normal collection, its super stretchy and comfortable to wear, and lots of people have complimented me when I wear it.

Okay the next jacket I have no idea why I bought it, It was in the H&M sale for around £6 and I thought it was really cute, I love the silky feel of it, but can I really see myself wearing it? No. I mean what do you wear it with? I saw it on someone else’s blog before and thought it was pretty but still something I don’t think I would ever wear so I’m not to sure what I was thinking buying it! The aztec playsuit was a bargain £12 from  Internacionale and I really like it, this one doesn’t fit me its a little to big so I will have to swap it, but I love play suits and this is a cute little one to add to the collection. I love the pretty collar detailing on the black dress, It was in the sale at New Look for around £8 I think, and I can see myself wearing this around Christmas (Yes I said the C word sorry) It’s just a pretty looking little black dress, and everyone needs a few black dresses in there collection! 

I have cami top obsession, It has taken over my life I think I have bought around 10 in the last week, a little excessive, but I can’t stop myself, they just look perfect tucked in to skirts or just wearing with a pair of casual jeans, effortless fashion! The bright pink one is from the Topshop’s petite collection and the white one is from New Look, I love the button detailing on the white one, and I have already wore them both a few times! Lastly because Im addicted to Topshop’s leigh jeans (I won’t wear any other type of jeans) when they go in the sale I always stock up and these were both £20 (they went down even further after!) the most perfect pair of jeans you will own, if you haven’t got a pair run to Topshop now you won’t be disappointed.

So there is my Monday haul, come back tomorrow for Tuesday’s as I am just a girl sharing my shopping addiction with you lovely lot.




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