Empties #1

I have never done an empties post, so I decided to start saving all the things I use up to as I enjoy reading these types of posts, and looking at what people thought of the things they have been recently using up. 

Lee Stafford hair growth treatment

I have used up around 6/7 of these, I really enjoy using them as they make my hair lovely and soft and super shiny. I have no idea if they are helping my hair grow, as I keep getting it cut to try and encourage it to grow more, but I think I can see a little difference while using this as it makes my hair a lot healthier so that’s got to help it grow right?

Charles Worthington mineral hair mask

This is another quick fix hair product, makes your hair lovely and shiny for about a day after using it, so I wouldn’t say it has any long lasting benefits but if your after a quick fix of shine then thats all your going to get.

The body shop’s peach body butter

I bought a few of these when they were on offer on the body shop’s website as I always used to have pots of these lying around to use, and there so thick and creamy they feel really luxurious to use. The smell was lovely to, and it really did make my skin feel lovely and soft in the morning. I wouldn’t use this in the morning as I find it takes a lot longer to sink in to your skin than other moisturisers I use, but this is a lovely night time treat and you wake up with lovely smelling and soft skin.

Radox bath smoothies 

I go through bath products like there is no tomorrow, Im obsessed with jumping in the bath with a face mask and having a little chill time while Joshua sleeps. This is just your average bubble bath, you get lots of bubbles (well I add a lot of bubble bath) and it smells nice to, what else do you want from a bubble bath?

Barry M lipgloss 

I think this is the first lip gloss I have ever used up (shocking I know) but its lovely, it smells great and is really moisturising on the lips, gives you a lovely splash of colour and is super easy to apply without a mirror which is always a plus.

Paul Mitchell strength shampoo

I can’t really go into to much detail about this product as its a super tiny travel size I received in a glossy box which turned up half full as it leaked everywhere, but my hair felt clean after using it, I wouldn’t say it was any stronger but I guess I would have to use it a lot longer to see the benefits it claims to give.

Caudalie beauty elixir 

Now I don’t actually know what this is? But again a product I caved in on as I heard so many things about it. I loved using this after my skincare routine, or in the day to use as a freshen up spray. I also enjoyed using it after make up as a sort of fixing spray. I went through this quite quickly and I have repurchased so I must enjoy using it, but I still have no idea what it is meant to do! 

Liz earle energizing hip and leg gel

I purchashed a skincare set from liz earle a while ago and as a free monthly gift they were adding in a full size bottle of their energizing hip and leg gel. I had never used a gel type product on my hips and legs before so I was intriguied to try this out. I used it before I moisturised and my legs did feel a little tighter and they also felt really moisturised to, I can’t say it made a massive difference in my skincare routine at night but I did really enjoy using it, and my legs did feel lovely and soft.

Nip & Fab body butters

My mum and dad got me a Nip & Fab set for christmas last year and these 2 little mini body butters came included. They smell really nice and are really lovely and moisturising to. They sink in really quickly, a lot quicker than the usual moisturisers I use, and I have really silky soft skin after using them, what more can you ask for?

Have you tried any of these?

I am so happy I am finally using up some products!!!



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