25 Facts About Me

1. I met my boyfriend in Oceana (classy!) Although we were in the same year in the same school but never once spoke a word to each other, we were only together a matter of weeks before Josh appeared in my stomach, a little bit of a shock but the best shock anyone has ever given me!

2. I have broken my elbow 3 times in the same place, and the doctor says If I did it again I would have to have a metal plate put in place, Yuck.

3. I wasn’t very good in school, I never really had the right friends, so would often not go to school towards the end of year 11 which resulted in me only leaving with 3 and a half GCSE’s (which I now regret very much!)

4. I got an A in english for GCSE, and I have always wanted to work with magazines but I never bothered trying it out and did child care in college but that wasn’t for me either as I packed it in after a couple of months.

5. I can count my best friends on one hand, which makes me really happy as I had a lot of ‘fake’ friends in high school who weren’t really that bothered about me & I regret sticking around in that circle.

6. I have 3 tattoos, a dandelion on my foot, the manchester united devil on my hip (classy I know!) & Joshua’s birth date in roman numerals on my wrist.

7. I still live at home with my parents (and Josh) I really really want to move out, Im super lucky where as I don’t have to pay rent and my parents do a lot for me, but I just want my own place with Josh and Matt and maybe a cat or 2! (and a hamster)

8. Since giving birth to Josh or really while I was pregnant I have become a lot more emotional, I cry at everything, tv adverts, films & especially one born every minute!

9. I have a scar on my right hip from when I took my cousins dog for a walk, started running with him so he could run faster not realising the lead didn’t stretch very far and went flying in the air skidding across the road!! My cousins couldn’t stop laughing and they still bring it up now!

10. I have a real addiction to taking photos, now i have my new camera my obsession has got a lot worse, poor Josh has around 10 photo albums already full of photos of him, I can’t wait until he brings his girlfriend over to meet me and I bring out all the naked pictures of him in the bath! Or where I dressed him up as a dalmatian while he slept peacefully in his crib! (one for the 18th birthday cake)

11.  I can’t wear lipsticks, I have around 35 lipsticks and I try and try to make them work, but they just don’t look right on me, they look patchy even when I use a good lip scrub before, I will forever try and wear them and I will not give up as I am so jealous of you lovely lipstick wearers! 

12. I wish I had more time to watch reality TV shows, or TV series like I used too, I still haven’t finished One Tree Hill or Gossip Girl, don’t get me started with 90210, Prison Break & 100’s more!

13. I love my baby boy more than anything in this world, I never realised you could love some one so much, that you would do anything for them, whatever mood I am in, he can instantly change it for the better, he is just perfect and I am so happy he came along.

14. I started this blog around five/six years ago, I wish I carried on with it back at the beginning, but work got in the way, and then falling pregnant I stopped blogging too, and I regret it so much because there was nothing more I enjoyed doing that sitting on the sofa with my laptop typing away whatever I was thinking!

15. I blog purely for fun and I get a little stressed when people take it so seriously and get to big for there boots, we are all the same, blogging for the same reasons to meet people with the same passions as us and to make us spend lots of money we wouldn’t be spending if we weren’t blogging.

16. I can’t go into Primark without at least buying one thing, I usually spend around £60-£80 whenever I go in there. I need some one with me to stop me, but usually they just encourage me to spend more!

17. I have made such a lovely friend from blogging and I seriously hope we never ever loose contact because we are basically the same person minus the fact she doesn’t have a baby and I don’t have her perfect face and hair (Ellie I will always envy your hair) we joke around and have a laugh, we chat about everything beauty related and shop all day and eat lots of lovely food, I am so happy blogging sent her to me! She really has turned into such a loyal friend 🙂 

18. I am obsessed with football. I love it, I could watch it all day long, my boyfriend works for Cardiff City and I love Manchester United and nothing makes me happier when they win, and nothing makes me more angry when they loose (or draw) I really am a boy stuck in a girls body (not really i’m joking!)

19. I have a betting addiction to. I bet every single weekend without fail, and when there are games on midweek I bet then to. I used to be so lucky and win the majority of my bets but I have taken a hit and have lost quite a few lately and really need to cut back!! 

20. I have lost a few of my friends recently, they don’t like my new life as a mum and think I have to live up to a curfew (to put him to bed and things) but I don’t think they realised that when you have a baby your life changes (way for the better) it’s not about going out and being able to stay out till whenever and have a laugh, it’s about being a parent and looking after your baby, whether that means I can’t do all the things they want me to do, or that maybe I wanted to do to, it doesn’t mean you should loose a friendship, they don’t think I have fun anymore, but they don’t realise I am having the most fun I ever have with my perfect little chappy! 

21. I do a face mask every other night, is that excessive? I really enjoy it. I love having pamper evenings when Josh is in bed, I find it so relaxing and I love treating my skin to a face mask. I own so many (around 12) I love the fact I can choose between them all and decide whatever mood I’m in or what my skin needs at the time. 

22. 22 has followed me around my entire life. Whenever I got off the phone it would always be 22.22 or I would hang up once speaking for 22.22 minutes never on purpose always by chance. I would have always have 22 in my phone numbers, I would sit in seat number 22 on planes and basically every thing number related in my life would always be 22 and still is to this day. My super lucky number.

23. I really want to learn to drive. I can’t drive, I haven’t passed my theory test, I tried it once and failed by one so gave up trying after that which was stupid. My life with Josh would be so much easier, we can’t do anything unless we get a bus or walk somewhere and as he gets older it will get more difficult so I need to get my bum in to action.

24. I really do have the best family in the whole entire world. My mum is amazing, the bond between her and Josh is amazing, as soon as he sees her he crawls as fast as he can to her and it melts my heart, I am sure he prefers her a little to me (thats all in my head) but they do so much for me and I really am so lucky that at 22 my mum still washes and irons all my clothes (and Josh’s) thanks mum.

25. I own way to much make up fact and I have now realised its really stupid there is no chance I can use all the make up I own for my one face, and If I added up how much all the stuff I have is worth I think I would cry for a while. I am now trying to stick to a no buying new make up until I use up a fair amount of my things I own, I mean who needs 8 unopened mascaras? I really need to stop impulse buying so no more reading amazing reviews that make me crave the latest beauty product! 




  1. September 2, 2013 / 5:12 pm

    Nobody needs fake friends! And and and 22 always, always reminds me of you. Especially when I look at my phone at its 22:22! Xxxx

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