Barry M nail varnish collection

Wow 31 nail varnishes. Thats kinda crazy isn’t it? 

When I first started buying nail varnishes I would always rely on Barry M as they had such a variety of colours and were super cheap and often on promotion. So from that & working at Superdrug I built up quite a collection, I dont really wear them all anymore, and some are probably really gloopy and need chucking out but I’m to lazy to go through them. I wear all the pinks all the times, and some of the darker ones in winter but there are a few I hardly ever wear, or just put on once!! 

I don’t really buy Barry M anymore, yes there good, and they have great colour choices, but I own so many nail varnishes there is no need to buy anymore! (like that will stop me I love there new jelly range) I love the consistency of there polishes especially there new gelly range there really lovely to apply. They last a fair few days on the nails to with a decent top coat, and there colour choice is outstanding by far one of the better company’s to go to when your in need of a certain colour as they have so many. 

This photo was taken a while ago and I have chucked a few of these out and added quite a few of the gelly range to my collection so I will have to do an updated version of this, I love owning so many of there nail varnishes as they have a colour for every occasion whether I need a bright nail/a dark nail or even a concrete effect nail they have so much choice. 

Do you have as many as me?

Or does looking at all these nail varnishes make you think I’m crazy?




  1. September 17, 2013 / 4:04 pm

    Woww so many!!! But I think i've got just as many so I cant really talk! I was looking at my BarryM collection the other day and had to throw so many out. The Jelly ones are my new favourite, as of recently and i'm loving the colours they are coming out with too!!

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