Oh wow. I can’t even remember the last time I sat down with my macbook and wrote a post. I actually really miss it as I have had this little blog for 6/7 years (maybe even more)  so I thought the best way to get back in to things was an update post. I have a job now I don’t know if I have already mentioned it before. Im working at Sainsburys doing the online shopping picking the hours are pretty rubbish 5am-9am and I am constantly tired but I have the 16 hours a week that I wanted and It means I’m only away from Josh for an hour a day, which is perfect for me. 

I have decided to put Josh in to nursery for 2 half day’s a week to help with his development and his social skills as he doesn’t really see many other kids, and he still can’t walk yet and he’s nearly 20 months (lazy like his dad, he didn’t walk till he was 22 months) he does walk pushing along his little walker and can take a couple of steps by himself, and he is constantly walking around things so I know there are no problems, I really hope he starts soon so the health visitor won’t send him to see some one as I know he is fine!! 

Me and josh have been suffering this week, we have both had a viral infection and conjunctivitis, putting drops in his little eyes is such hard work and it does take three people to hold him down, the poor boy. I have lost my voice too which is hard work trying to tell Josh off and having to whisper, he keeps whispering back at me and making me laugh. 

 This might sound crazy but I have put myself on a make up spending ban for the whole of 2014 as I have way to much make up that would last me years and years if it never ran out of date, so this year I am trying to be really good, save more and learn to drive instead of buying pointless amount’s of make up I won’t use, and spend it on the things that matter instead. I have lots and lots of things I can write up a review about, and lots of products I want to talk about and I know how hard it will be resisting buying the things you lot rave about as I am such a sucker when it come’s to new products. 

I hope everyone has a lovely week and 


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