My Second mothers day

I was only expecting one card off Josh this year and that’s because I knew my mum wouldn’t let me down…. but I ended up with six!!! Six cards from one little boy now thats impressive right? My lovely friends and family all wanted to make my day special and all got me cards and gifts from him, I feel super lucky to have such lovely people in my life.

I even got 2 hand made from nursery (they don’t actually know how they managed to have 2 off him!) and they are so cute. I love that I get hand made things from him from nursery, there extra special and mean a lot more than bought cards. My beautiful friend got me the most perfect picture frame with ‘You have been my mummy since 24/05/2012 and I have loved you ever since’ and when I opened it I was so happy, its the perfect present that anyone could of got me, and I love it so much, I love looking at it every day as its such a thoughtful gift.

As well as a lovely handmade star from nursery that says ‘No 1 Mum’ and a little hanging plaque about a ‘very beautiful mummy’ makes me feel super duper lucky!! 

Thanks to all my lovely people in my life and of course my little bundle of joy, my life without any of you wouldn’t be as perfect as it is now, now back to looking after my poorly boy after a night of him waking me up all night to make sure I was still sat with him and sleeping on top of me, poor little munchkin.

Hope all you lovely mummy’s had a perfect day too & you got spoilt



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