I went out the other day. Shock horror I never ever leave Josh and go on a night out, but the girls from work persuaded me I needed a night out to un wind and have a good time and they were right. I love being a mum there is nothing better intact he completes my entire life, but I am 22 and I am aloud to leave the house and dress up once in a while right? So that’s what I did and I had a lovely night (maybe a little to much to drink) I was obviously gullible in thinking I could handle a lot to drink i cant. I had a really good night with lovely people and it was so nice to have a few drinks and dress up together, it helps that one of my friend is a make up artist and I actually wore eyelashes for the first time ever and I loved them.

So on to the outfit I wore this black cami top from River Island which I loved and was pleasantly surprised that it fit me as usually there always far to loose on me and fall down which I hate. My super pretty shorts are from Miss Selfridge (they were £45 reduced to £22) and aren’t on the website anymore unfortunately. I loved them as soon as I saw them and wanted them when they were full price but I couldn’t justify spending £45 on a pair of shorts so when they went down I hunted everywhere for them and finally gave up until one day my mum came home with a present for me and surprised me with them *mummy bonus points* It was quite sad how happy I was over a pair of shorts! 

I had such a lovely night and really loved my outfit I even managed to fake tan which is such a chore but I felt so much better!! 

I am currently feeling really sorry for myself full up with Josh’s cold and I have work at 5am tomorrow (shoot me now) so please send me some get well soon sympathy!! 

Did you like my outfit?

Do you still go on the odd night out as a parent or do you mainly stay in on the sofa life myself?




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