Where have I been?

Hello you lovely lot, I have missed you. I am so bad at keeping to my promises of blogging reguarley and I actually do really miss it, speaking with lots of you and writing away my feelings on things that are going on. I haven’t really had the motivation recently what with me being on a year make up spending ban (yes a whole year and I have lasted so far so good) I feel like I haven’t got any new products to write about, when in fact I have so much make up I could write up review after review and still have more to show you. 

I finally took my driving theory test and passed so I have no nervously booked lessons as I am so determine to learn to drive and pass by the end of the year, and there isn’t anything stopping me apart from my nerves, I hated driving so much when i was 17, I used to look forward to getting home and dread each lesson, I wasn’t ready then but now especially with Josh not being able to drive is such a chore relying on everyone around me to take me places, and to drop Josh off at nursery, and when I want to take him out when we are on our own, my only option is the bus (and josh and buses are a no no) 

My job is tiring me out a lot to, working 5am-9am most mornings doesn’t seem like a lot, but pair that with a hyper active child running around and no naps in the day I am up from 4am all day long until around 10pm and I still struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep its a nightmare. I enjoy what I do though and the people are lovely so that definitely helps, and I love that I earn my own money for me and Josh,  it is such a lovely feeling treating us both to something we want and knowing I worked for it.

Josh has come along so much recently what with him walking and talking a lot more, he is such a littler poser constantly pouting away carrying my bags around and applying make up to me and himself, I only have myself to blame with that one. He is such a happy little boy but he knows what he wants and he isn’t happy unless he gets it. His eating is a bit rubbish to, he barely eats anything other than toast, macaroni cheese or spaghetti hoops, I have tried the whole not giving him anything else, less snacking but nothing seems to help, I guess its just a case of carrying on as we are, and as he gets older hopefully he won’t be so fussy and will want to chew his food and try other things, let me know if your little one went through the same stage as Josh I would love to know,

I hope your all well and I plan on writing up some make up related beauty posts as well as baby talk tomorrow when he is in nursery, as I have the whole afternoon to myself tomorrow!! I can’t wait.



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