Getting ready for the summer holidays*

Getting Ready for the Summer Holidays

It’s never too early to start thinking about the summer holidays. Six whole weeks of no school means there might be childcare to sort out, a holiday to arrange, holiday clubs or other fun activities to organise. You’ll also need to get the school uniform ready, whether that’s buying it just before the kids go back to school or buying it bit by bit. Luckily school uniform at George  is great value and you can pick it up while doing your weekly shop, so you can stock up throughout the year, making sure you’re always well prepared by September when school starts again. To get yourself ready why not use this handy checklist:

Booking a Summer Holiday

Have you booked yours yet? If not shop around to see where you can get the best discount on your chosen hotel or apartments. If you’re looking to book abroad you often find that travel agents will price match or give you extra discounts just for booking the exact same holiday with them, so make sure you ask what they can offer you if you choose to book with them instead of somewhere else. 

Plan your holiday wardrobes in advance so you know exactly what clothes you’ll all be taking and make sure you have enough suitcases and hand luggage bags to ensure you won’t have to rush out and get any at the last minute just before your holiday. 


If you work the summer holidays can prove rather challenging to arrange childcare for, especially if you have younger children who, unlike older teenagers, won’t be able to stay at home on their own. Contact your local council and leisure centre to see what they’re offering for school aged children in terms of holiday clubs and activities over the summer holidays. The school will often have a list of local holiday clubs available so do take a look. Some schools even host their own, offering care in school hours and sometimes longer, to ensure parents can still work throughout the holidays. 

You can often save money if you book multiple weeks or siblings into a holiday club, so make sure you check if you can save any money by doing this. If you rely on relatives to look after your children in the holidays, chat to them now to check they will be available rather than assuming they are, just incase they aren’t able to have your children for any reason. 

Other ways to plan for the holidays are to sit down with the children and make a list of some of the things they’d like to do over the holidays. You may well get a few suggestions that are beyond your reach either financially or because their imaginations have got the better of them, but you’ll at least have a list of things to keep them entertained over the holidays, ranging from going to a farm, the swimming pool and maybe even having a pirate themed day.  Start planning now and the holidays can be stress free and great fun.

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