Joshs Outfit Of The Day 1

 I haven’t blogged in a long long time, since before my little boy turned two and so much has happened since then, I’m a single parent but really really happy, Josh has changed and grown into the most perfect little boy and I couldn’t be any more proud of him. I thought I would work my way back into blogging by doing a weeks worth of outfit of the days for Josh, as I spend a lot more money on clothes for Josh than I do for myself, they are SO cute, I love shopping for him and he has a stupid amount of clothes and they are taking over! 

Look at him and his little friend Ollie, one of my friends little boys theres only a couple of months between them (Josh being slightly older) and they are so funny together and I love that he has a friend for life who he will grow up with. 

We always dress them the same because we have the same taste, and they had so many compliments on this outfit.

Hello Ladies jumper – Zara

Grey skinny jeans – River Island

Grey daps – Matalan 

Do you think he looks as cute as I do? Would you dress your little boy in this?

Of course mickey has to be in the picture too as he will never leave his side, he idolises him and he is in a great need of a wash! 

Im glad to be back!



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