Big Boy Bed

My baby has finally moved to a big boy bed and he is so proud!! I have been thinking about it for a while but I was scared it would completely change how perfect a sleeper he is incase he started to get up in the night and wander to my room, or if he fell out, or just wasn’t ready in general. He hadn’t tried once to get out of his cot, I didn’t have to change him over but he’s two and a half at christmas and I just think thats a good age to take him out of his cot. 

He’s been in there three nights now, and every night he’s told everyone how he’s going to his big boy bed and looks all excited, the first night he did cry a little but he stopped after a couple of minutes and slept all night as usual, the second night he did wake up at 2am and cried for me but all I had to do was go in to his room and put his new lady bird light on (review coming soon he loves it) and tuck him in and he went straight back of to sleep. He wakes up every morning and says mummy I slept in my big boy bed and gives me a beaming smile, I’m so proud of how he’s grown up. 

His room still has his cot up and he has barely any space, as I have been scared he wouldn’t settle in his bed so now he has I can’t wait to change his room around so I would love to see some of your kids bedrooms so I can get inspiration!

I got his bed from smyths as he loves mickey mouse, its a lovely bright red with a picture of mickey mouse and donald duck, I also got him the mickey duvet set from there too as it fits with the theme and he loves them, although I would love some tips on how to keep the duvet on him, whenever I go in to check on him its always on the floor or he’s sleeping on top of it and then his hands and feet are cold! It was so much easier keeping him warm when he could wear sleeping bags to bed! 

How old was your little one when you moved them to a big boy/girl bed? How did you find the transition?

I love being back and writing again 



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