Getting hitched

These photos are pretty old I mean my friend is happily married to her husband now but because its been a slight few months since I have blogged I wanted to share them with you, we all had such a fun night in a little cocktail bar we rented out and set up for her, with lots of fun games drinking and quizzes! She had a lovely night celebrating with her favourite people, we made up our own little photobooth using my camera and some props we got from the joke shop my friend works in and we all had a ball, it was a lot cheaper than renting out a real photo booth (well it was free) and the photos look just as good I think. 

I am so glad my best friend had a lovely night and just what she wanted before her big day which was beautiful and I loved being a bridesmaid for her, I shall do a post all on her big day too if you want to see the photos, her dress was gorgeous and I loved our bridesmaids dresses! 

Have you ever done a Photo Booth?

I would love to see photos! 



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