What I got for christmas

Happy new year every one!! Okay a little late I do admit, I have been so busy with josh and work that I have barely sat down for five minutes without falling asleep. I never realised how tiring and hard it would be working so early in the morning and then going home to one hyper active child all day, its hard work!! I get barely any sleep and I am constantly tired but I really want to make an effort and get back in to blogging as I have been doing this on and off since I was 15/16 and that was a long long time ago (how depressing!) So I thought I would kick back off with a post that everyone loves to read and nosy at, what I got for christmas, I know some people think its showing off but I am not at all, I just love reading these posts and I am so grateful to my lovely boyfriend, parents and my beautiful boy for all the lovely gifts I received.

The quality of these photos are so bad, my brother broke my lens for my 650D I’m gutted, so I need to save up some money to buy another one so I had to stick with my iPhone 6 for these photos there not the best! As you can see I was well and truly spoilt with lovely gifts, lots of new clothes, bags, pyjamas, new bags, a river island purse, lots of jewellery and some lovely make up (my smash box palette is a beaut as well as my new YSL foundation and the rest.) I am most excited by my clarisonic something I didn’t even ask for but my lovely mum must have heard me speak about it a few times and decided to treat me to the lovely pink mia 2, I love it, my face feels so much cleaner already and I can’t wait to see if it helps my skin for the better, I shall update you all once I have used it for a fair amount of time! 

I have just treated myself to the charlotte tilbury sculpt and highlight a very expensive treat and I can’t wait to start using it its so beautiful the packaging is incredible and really make it looks luxurious! 

Cant wait to start posting more and have a new lens for my camera!!



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