Life Lately

Hey guys long time no see right?

I am on a mission to get back into blogging as I have been reading and following a lot more blogs lately and really wanted to get back in to the swing of things. Now that I am more passionate about different things I really want to start to document the things that me and Josh get up to, and share with you all of his outfits as I have found a new obsession in children’s clothing and dressing him! I really hope you are all still around!! 

So whats been happening in my little life? Josh is three and 5 months, I have the loveliest boyfriend in the world and we are planning on buying a house together in the beginning of the year! I still currently work in sainsbury’s four mornings a week (5am-10am) which is a real struggle with lack of sleep and looking after josh all day. He now goes to pre school and its amazing the change in him, he hated it at first but now he goes in happy and smiling and waving me good bye which makes my little heart melt.

I can’t wait to start blogging again everything from reviews to Joshua’s christmas presents and day trips, I’m excited to get back in to the swing of things.

Hope you are all good and I can’t wait for a catch up!



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