(This is actually an old post but I had never published it but he still loves this night light projector and he’s three and a half now!)

I was browsing the internet and came across this lady bird night light projector, my friends little boy loved his and it helped him go from a cot into a bed as he loved to lay there and look at the stars and moons across his walls and ceiling and listening to the relaxing music before he fell asleep. I decided I really wanted to buy one and there were so many around to choose from, but I picked the exact same as my friend (link here) because I knew how it worked and I had seen it in action and loved it, and knew josh would love it too and I wasn’t wrong. 

The first night we moved him in to his room I had showed him the lady bird in the morning and told him she wanted to move in to his room when he goes in to his big boy bed and asked if she could live with him in his room and turn on at night and he was really excited. When the night came he asked me to turn the light on, so I switched off his main bedroom light and turned on the lady bird and his little face lit up with excitement, he looked around his room and ceiling with amazement and kept telling me ‘look at the stars mummy’ he was mesmorised! He isn’t too keen on the music he prefers just to look at the lights but that doesn’t matter he may grow to want the music on but at the moment he’s happy enough laying watching the lights. The lady bird itself is really cute and bright, the only bad thing I could say about it, is you can see the glue that has been used to make it so maybe a little more care was needed but that could be just the one I got wasn’t made to the best standard, but it doesn’t effect the way it works! 

It has different settings where the lights can flash on and off different colours, have it set to a certain colour and have the stars on constant and have music playing or completely silent.

If you have looked in to one of these lights for your little ones bed time routine I would highly recommend it for any age, my friends little girl has had one since she was a teeny baby and she loves it, and my friends two year old loves his too! 

Have you tried this before? What do you think?



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