Being a stepdad

Being a stepdad is something I imagine to be quite difficult. Helping bring up a child who isn’t biologically yours, and dealing with the tantrums and stress of being a parent when you haven’t been there since they were born. I always worried about finding someone when I split with Joshua’s dad, I always thought; what If josh would get jealous? or what if the person I was with didn’t adapt to being in a relationship with somebody who has a child? What if he didn’t get on with him? Or what if they did get on and became really close and the relationship broke down? That would just cause more heartache for Josh. 

However I have been very lucky in finding Will. He is such a brilliant step dad to Josh. He works full time with extremely long days and night shifts but whenever he has finished work no matter how tired he is, the first thing he wants to do is come home to us and go straight to Josh to play with his toys or build dens in his bedroom. The bond they have is so lovely to watch. They are inseparable. Josh is always in constant giggles whenever they are together, they are always play fighting and joking around. 

I always wanted josh to have a male role model in his life. He does see his dad sometimes, however its a little hit and miss and not very consistent. I wish it was as it would be nice for josh to have that father son bond. He has my dad but I wanted somebody to be a father figure in his life and Will does just that.

Another thing I was wary about was Will’s family and how they would take to being a part of a little boys life. it turned out to be nothing to worry about. They love josh and treat him like he belongs to them. They buy him so much, give him so much love and attention and really dote on him. I think Josh is so lucky having an added family who love and adore him and I cannot wait to give them another little grandson to love and obsess over. 

Being a step dad is loving a child out of choice when you don’t have to be so involved, but Will helps me with every decision, he tells him off when he’s been naughty and I really respect his opinion in anything to do with being a parent. I am so happy to make him a dad next year but to me he already is one, and I really hope when Josh is older he can see how committed Will is to him and how much he has done for the both of us.

Soppy post I know but they both make me so proud and I know for sure the bond they have will just get stronger and I can’t wait to watch.




  1. December 30, 2015 / 4:15 pm

    Such a lovely post! I'm a step mum to three and it was so hard when they were all young, but we all get on so well now and they love my children as though they were full siblings. It's great when it all works out x

  2. December 30, 2015 / 7:38 pm

    Step dads/families really are amazing people! My eldest isn't biologically my partners daughter but I forget so often that he isn't because he and his family are so good with her and treats her just as if she was one of their own, it really is a magical bond to be a part of x

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