Christmas shopping

How is everyone?

Is any one else super organised this christmas and sorted and wrapped all the presents they have bought? I have. I have sorted Josh and my entire family and friends all before december this year and the feeling of being done in time to enjoy the month of december is an amazing feeling. 

The only down side to this? All I want to do is internet shop for myself I have been browsing so many fashion websites looking for new clothes/bags/shoes and all I want to do is treat myself (which is perfectly fine when you have sorted every one out right?) Since becoming pregnant again I am living in oversized jumpers leggings and boots which is perfect for the winter time and the colder months that are approaching, I have really enjoyed sitting down while josh is in nursery and I have finished work all cosy with a hot chocolate (and a tin of heroes of course) browsing the lovely jumpers and boots on Esprit and writing up lists for christmas for a new bag and purse from River Island (hint hint will) It’s so nice to have some me time while Joshua is busy learning new things in school while I can until I have a little newborn baby needing all of my attention! 

Talking of clothes and fashion I have ordered a few matching bits for me and Josh from ali express and I love them, It took me a while to convince him to wear the same top as mummy but look how cute he looks. We had so many compliments walking around wearing these and so many people asked us where we got them from, and its really nice to match my favourite little person from time to time! Do any of you wear matching clothes to your children or is it just me? I cant wait to have another little one to match with josh as I love dressing him more than any one!! 

What are you must have fashion bits for winter? 

Im happy living in my comfy jumpers and winter boots for now!! 



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