I am really sad that my favourite time of the year is now over. The tree gets packed away all the decorations get taken down to not be seen again for another year! We have had such a lovely few days opening and playing with presents, eating as much food as possible and taking lots of photos of new memories made. Josh was super spoilt he had far too many presents that I kept a few to put away for when he’s been a good boy and when we move out I want him to have a few things put away as its going to be a massive change for him.

The best present we got him was his kitchen although I think Will would disagree. I had asked him for a few weeks to build it and put it together before christmas day and he decided 11pm on christmas eve would be the best time to start it, with only a screw driver and 200 screws he climbed into bed at 4am on christmas morning!!! I love it though, he is such a role play child and has such an amazing imagination that I knew a kitchen would be the perfect present for him. He also had his own post office which we haven’t actually opened yet but I know yet again his imagination will take over and it will slowly become one of his favourite presents. He also got an air hockey machine off my parents as his favourite thing to do when we are at bowling places or amusement arcades is to play air hockey with me or Will and he loves having his own at home. He has been so grateful constantly saying thank you and that he can’t believe he has so many lovely presents, and seeing his little happy face light up on christmas morning is the reason I go to work and earn money.  If you were to ask him what his favourite christmas present was he would tell you his car goggles (obviously the present that cost me £3.50 from the entertainer!) which proves you don’t need to spend a fortune to make your children happy.

We had such a lovely day and still have a pile of stacked presents still in the boxes to be unwrapped on a cold rainy day and I’m super excited to play new games with him and watch his enjoyment! Its nearly time for him to go back to nursery its been so lovely having relaxing mornings with him again instead of rushing around to get him fed/washed and dressed in time to start at 9am! I am looking forward to him getting back in to the school routine and mixing with children his own age again as he has come along so much since starting and its such a pleasure to watch.

Hope you all had a lovely christmas and got spoilt! 



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