Personalised is best

My favourite type of present to receive are personalised gifts. I love getting something meaningful and special off someone as you can really tell they have put the effort in and thought of something unique. This christmas I was lucky enough to get a necklace and bracelet and I adore both of them. 

The necklace ( which you can purchase here) was from my brother (but mostly my sister in law!) and has three little hearts engraved with the first initials of mine Wills and Joshua’s names. I love how little and delicate this necklace is, and you can also add more hearts on if you wanted to, which of course when I have my second boy I will get his initial to pop on too! It looks really lovely on and I have already had tonnes of compliments on it. You can really tell the seller put a lot of effort into making this necklace as it really shows.

Next I had this bracelet (which you can purchase here)  I had this off Joshua for christmas and I really adore it. I love the colours used as rose gold is my favourite, and the fringing detail is beautiful. The hearts have been engraved with ‘Mummy’ and ‘Joshua’ and I love how thoughtful my mum was choosing this for me off Josh. It is super delicate and the clasp which tightens up the bracelet has a lovely little heart which really adds a special touch. I love it so much.

Did you get anything personalised for christmas? Will you be hinting at your loved ones for one of these? 



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  1. December 30, 2015 / 8:04 pm

    They're both gorgeous! Think I'll be making a few hints about the bracelet to the other half for next year 🙂 x

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