Twister tracks neon glow track review

One of Joshua’s favourite christmas presents this year was the twister tracks neon glow track and I love it too. A super bright coloured car track that is really easy to build (which I was very grateful for as I’m not the most experienced builder when it comes to difficult toys!) It comes with a multi coloured flexible track, 2 cars which flash green and orange and together they really do catch your eye. 

They have buttons on top of each car that once pressed zoom around super fast round the track even around the loops and upside down Josh really does love it. He likes to stand over the track and starts to giggle when the cars zoom past him and through his legs, he also loves stopping them so they can race and try and catch the other car up. This track looks amazing in the dark as its so colourful and fast, it also attracts different ages as my little cousins who are 10 and 13 were having a ball playing with it with Josh.

The track is really flexible and can be put into so many different shapes and can be slightly raised so the cars have bumps to go over. He really enjoys changing up the track in different patterns and directions and watching the cars fly over at a high speed.

You can purchase the twisters track here

If your son/daughter loves cars and tracks I would 100% recommend this track as Josh keeps asking to play with it so I have kept it set up in the living room and its the first he goes to in the morning and the last toy he plays with before he goes to bed. 



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