Joshs style

I love dressing Josh. It became a bit of an addiction buying him clothes and shoes (I am so much better now that we nearly own a home I promise!) but I still really love putting together little cute outfits. I look around at other children in minion tops or super hero and do feel a little guilty that he doesn’t dress in clothes with all characters or people he likes on, but when I ask him he’s never really interested in them. if he was to ask me to buy a top in a shop I would let him where what he liked, but while he isn’t to bothered and I can get away with it I love dressing him in cute little stylish outfits and he always gets a tonne of compliments! 

I spend so much more time and effort on his clothes rather than my own, I still like him to be comfortable so if we have a fun day planned out at a play centre or where he will most likely do a lot of running I do put him in joggers (but skinny fit ones from next) and he will wear comfortable trainers his nikes being my favourite! 

IF you’re interested in kids fashion then I may do a few posts on his different outfits, but if you think dressing children in clothes that are ‘stylish’ is bad then i’m sorry but its something I really enjoy to do and each to your own! 

His top is from Next and so are his skinny fit Joggers (here if you like them)



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