Making friends



I have always wanted Josh to have as many friends as possible to play with. I have quite a few friends who all have kids and so he’s always been around different children boy and girl’s of different ages. I try and meet up with a few of them every week and go to play places or the park (when its not raining) and I really think this is the perfect way for a child to learn through watching and interacting with other children, thats why I wanted him to join nursery and enjoy it as he would be around lots of kids his age. 

I bumped into his teacher while I was working and asked her if Josh plays with anyone in nursery and she told me he just likes to sit back and watch what the other children are doing, and I notice that a lot with him. He will see children playing together and be to nervous to ask to join in and will just silently follow them around until they include him and he then sometimes gets to shy and runs away! He is completely fine with all of his friends outside of school as he has grown up around them, and I really hope he continues to see them as he grows up and they will be lifetime friends.

It’s so lovely watching them together having lots of fun playing with balloons and running around arcades and parks. I love watching him interacting with his little friends, he can still get really shy and it takes him 10/15 minutes to come out of his shell but when he does its so nice to be able to see. I really love seeing all my friends and I have the added bonus that Josh is seeing all his friends at the same time,  I really do feel extremely lucky and I love that he already has so many lovely little friends to play with.



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