Pregnancy week 19

I am 19 weeks and one day pregnant today! 

This week the baby is meant to be the size of a mango and weighing in at 8.5oz. The past few weeks with feeling movements and little kicks its usually when I am laying down still, but this week I have been feeling little kicks while I’m on the move, Will and my mum have also felt him kick this week which was nice! I also was watching my belly move last night while he was moving around, and could see where he was kicking me, it was super cute. 

I am still feeling super tired but thats still because of the hours I work and Josh not sleeping all night anymore (if someone wants to hand me back my boy that slept all night I would really appreciate it!) My stomach has been going quite hard where I think he’s pushing himself outwards and it can get really uncomfortable. I am struggling in work with all the lifting stretching and moving, i walk around 15 thousand steps in my morning shifts, by the time I get home at 10/11am I want to go straight to bed, and I really dread my 5am-1pm shift every sunday! 

We are off to bluestone tuesday-friday this week and I am really looking forward to a little break away with Josh, Will and his family and I hope Josh loves it! 



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