Pregnancy week 18!

This pregnancy so far has seemed to really fly by! I don’t know if it’s because I already have Josh and he occupies my brain for the entire day that I don’t really have time to think about being pregnant! So what’s meant to be going on in pregnancy life this week?

By week 18 your baby will be about 14cm long, weighing around 200g and similar to a bell pepper in size.’ 

I am super tired all the time which is completely down to my insomnia and working at 5am in the morning, but it’s draining. I feel like I’m constantly trying to keep myself awake and staying active and playing with Josh when I just want to lounge on the sofa watching a film with him which he will never ever do! The last few weeks I think I have felt movement especially if I’m laying still in bed, but sometimes I’m unsure if it’s just indigestion or a baby’s little foot trying to kick me. I feel uncomfortable sometimes like he’s laying on my bladder but that passes after a few minutes! I have been super lucky and not suffered at all with any morning sickness (although I didn’t with Josh either) and the only thing I’m suffering with is the tiredness! I had my midwife appointment and she told me how amazing my iron levels were and they were really high! We have our twenty week scan booked for January the 19th so not to long to wait.

I have been a lot more anxious this time round, any ache or pain and I get really paranoid, also with carrying Josh I get a lot more out of breathe and I’m struggling with carrying him around places but I know he just wants me to carry him more because he knows there is going to be change soon!

A candle lit bath is calling me now, one of my favourite pregnancy treats!



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