Tonka town police station

For christmas my best friend bought Josh this tonka town police station as he loves playing with her little boys little figures and loves cars and motorbikes. As soon as he ripped open the paper he wanted it out of the box straight away. As soon as it was built he turned into police man Josh and put the police man on his motorbike and the robber on the back (obviously he doesn’t understand the dangers of this in real life haha) and drove around the house and back to the police station to lock him up in his cell. 

He told the robber he had been a really naughty boy and must not come out until he thought about what he had done, which made me realise he actually does listen to me when I tell him off! I really like this police station it has a light that switches on and off which Josh loves flashing. He takes so much care walking up each step and locking away his motorbike inside when the police officer has finished with it. It really makes him use his imagination and he tells me he wants to be a police officer when he’s older and have his own motorbike!! 

They also have a fire station which I have been thinking about getting him as he loves fireman sam so I think that will be my next purchase for a rainy day inside.



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