We recently had a little break away to Bluestone and it was lovely. I went with Will and his family and we stayed in a lovely little four bed lodge and it was beautiful! It was so cold the entire time we were there but it was really nice to just wrap up warm and spend some nice quality time together, and luckily it barely rained when we were out so that was a bonus.

We hired out a buggy which I think was Josh’s favourite thing about the entire break away, he loved pretending he was driving on his own, and got really excited driving to all the different places in the open air. They have a lovely swimming pool with a kids playing area inside, a lazy river lots of slides (which are for the older kids and adults but Josh wouldn’t of wanted to go on them anyway! he’s really wary with big slides) and a giant pirate ship to play with. We went swimming every morning and Josh loved it, he has always loved the water he is such a water baby. He wasn’t a fan of the lazy river as he doesn’t like things splashing in his face or new things as he gets really anxious and nervous I thought it was good though, you go outside and around and back into the pool.

We took a trip to the beach to collect shells and play football which Josh loved he has brought all his shells home to show my mum and he loved picking them all and washing them when we got back to our lodge! After the beach we had a hot chocolate (and an ice cream and cookie for Josh) in a little cafe which was nice to warm up as it was freezing. They also have a lovely play area back on the complex inside theres slides a ball pit, a climbing wall, a lego building wall and lots of little bits to ride around on. Also arcade games and a soft play area upstairs which I didn’t actually realise was there until we got back and my auntie told me! Josh had a ball though and loved it in there.

There are lots of lovely restaurants to eat around the complex and a shop to buy your essentials. Josh really enjoyed the little play area in one of the food places he didn’t enjoy the food as much but I think he was just so over tired from all the air he fell asleep while we were eating! He slept in most days till 8/9 which he never does so that was a lovely little bonus. I would really recommend a trip to bluestone, it was a really lovely trip away, and I bet it would be amazing in the summer! 

Have you ever been? What did you think of it?



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