Pregnancy week 23

I cant keep up with the weeks they seem to fly by!!! 

Week 23 the baby is the size of a grapefruit this week and weighs in at 1.1lb and 11.5 inches long.I can definitely feel the baby move a lot more inside me, it feels like he does little back flips and his kicks are really quite powerful I can see my stomach move as he pokes and prods me! 

I have had a virus this week that has really effected me, I have been really sick and suffering with migraines and flashing lights and have been super tired, also been getting really bad leg cramps which I cant seem to shift. I wake up constantly through out the night to switch positions as I can never get comfortable, and work has been really hard pushing around a heavy trolley and lifting and bending all the time, I don’t know how I will cope the further a long I get. The hours are really draining me getting up at 4am, and I really need to think about changing my shifts soon.

At the start of the week I could not stop eating, constantly wanting food even though I wasn’t even hungry and then as soon as I got this virus I have barely eaten a thing and have felt so weak! My best friend gave birth to such a beautiful little boy on Tuesday, and having cuddles with him really made my week, I cant wait till we have all four of our boys and can have lots of fun in the summer together! Her eldest is three and josh is a few months older than he is, and there will be the same difference between our babies which will be nice! 

I have been religiously applying my bio oil and palmers stretch mark cream to try and ease the itchiness, and hopefully saves a few stretch marks too!! 


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