Pregnancy – 29 weeks baby is the size of a butternut squash and weighs in at 2.5lb this week (which I have already had a scan a week earlier and he was roughly over 3!) My stomach seems to just keep growing and growing which I find so odd. When I was pregnant with Josh you could barely notice my bump at this time with him!

I have been getting lots of braxton hicks this week which aren’t painful just a little uncomfortable. I can see a lot of his little body parts sticking out of my belly, from his head to his little feet pushing out to say hello. I made Will watch my stomach as he flipped around and he was amazed watching. I have signed myself off work for the week as of yesterday because I’m not handling the 3am wake up calls for work with no sleep so i’m hoping I feel more human. I am full up with flu which isn’t helping the lack of sleep, but since I have been off my stomach doesn’t hurt no where near as much as it was which is good.

I can’t believe that in just over ten weeks (maybe less, maybe more) we will have another little boy arriving in our life. I am so excited and Josh keeps mentioning it a lot more and asking me what he can buy or do to help his little brother. I have also been reading him books on becoming a big brother which he seems to be enjoying so I hope it stays like this as it is a massive worry for me how Josh is going to react to such a life changing situation.

Im not as hungry as I have been the past few weeks. I don’t know if thats because i’m unwell this week but I have been snacking on food rather than having lunch/tea. I have bought more little clothes for baby boy this week in the next sale, but trying to stay away from first size just incase the lady at the hospital was right and he turns out to be a big baby. Does anyone else feel guilty buying baby clothes and not clothes for both? If I buy the baby something I have to leave the shop with something for Josh as well.

I have been spending a lot of time with my best friend and her two boys (Ollie is three and Charlie is 6 weeks) and it has made me feel a lot more prepared for the life of a parent of two! I have been loving getting lots of baby cuddles and watching Charlie change and grow over the past six weeks. I feel really lucky that Charlie and baby will be as close as Ollie & Josh and I am so glad we all have each other.

The weeks seem to be flying by and before you know it I will be typing away my birth story (scary stuff) 



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