Will and I were lucky enough to receive another 4D scan courtesy of Peekaboobaby. It started with a stressful 25 minute drive to Penarth at rush hour traffic. We were already running late, however we arrived just in time, and it was worth every minute!

When we arrived, we were greeted by a lovely lady who directed us to the waiting area. Being the perfect gentleman he is, Will made himself at home by jumping on the comfy, red sofa as soon as we stepped inside (you would think he was the pregnant one!). There was a lady already in the scanning room, and another couple waiting for an early pregnancy scan. Whilst we waited, I noticed on the wall a list containing the prices of each type of scan Peekaboobaby have to offer. This includes the early pregnancy scanreassurance scangender scanultimate gender confirmation experience scan and the 4D bonding scan which I can now confirm was absolutely terrific. They also offer optional extras which include;

 The heartbeat bear (£25) which is a super cute bear that has a pre-recorded copy of your own babies heartbeat inserted into it. As quoted, a unique and precious keepsake.

A photo album (£5 – which I have and is lovely). It stores and protects all of your baby’s photos in a beautiful album. I love how they put a smaller sized photo of your baby on the front, it’s a lovely touch. 

Digital key ring  (£10) holding all images taken at the scan.

Plain key ring (£5) Pick a special photo which you can keep on your key’s as a lovely keepsake.

Cd of all images 15) Keep all the photos taken at the scan on one CD disc.

DVD of scan (£20) Keep a recording of the scan as a special memory.

Additional photos (£5) Print extra photos onto glossy paper to keep and save forever.

As they are so unique, the Heartbeat Bears caught my eye. You can have your own baby’s heartbeat recorded, and then put inside a bear to keep forever. You could even give the bear to your baby when they arrive. After only ten minutes in the waiting room, we were called inside to the scanning room. The sonographer was lovely. She introduced herself and asked me for my due date before instructing me to lay down on the bed. The bed was covered with a soft purple blanket, making it comfier than an average hospital bed and made me feel much more relaxed. She applied the ultrasound gel to my stomach and began. First of all, we saw his little face in black and white while she checked his positioning. He was head down and wriggling like you wouldn’t believe. She let us watch him play around for a short while which was incredible. He had his eyes wide open and was yawning away whilst opening and shutting his mouth the entire time! He was kicking himself in the head and rubbing his eyes with his tiny little hands. The cutest thing was when he was trying to find his mouth with his thumb and smiling away as he did so. It really was such a surreal experience watching him and catching a glimpse on his life inside the womb.

The photos are incredible. You can tell that the sonographer really knew what she was looking for and she really was amazing at her job. You could see her patiently waiting for the scanner to pick up the best photo and straight away she would click away and get the most amazing quality photos. Me and Will were sat in amazement at the details and clearness of every single photo taken. Even the DVD is so clear and you can see each part of his little body in such strong detail. His little feet, hands and all his beautiful facial features. We also got to listen to his heartbeat, and the lady took measurements of all his body. I asked if she could tell the weight of him (as the last scan he measured bigger) she told me you couldn’t predict the weight but from measurements he was measuring bigger than average which does scare me a little! 

We were in the scanning room for a good twenty minutes and hands down was the best scan we have experienced. The machine quality was brilliant. Also,the lady was so talented at her job; it really made our experience so special and perfect. We loved every single second of being inside the room; watching our baby move around and doing all the incredible little baby things that he was doing. Once finished, we headed back out in to the waiting area where we were given a laptop of all the photos taken and asked to choose 6 photos we would like to have printed. The lady in total took 20 photos (which we had all of them on a CD) so it was a really hard decision choosing between them all. They were all amazing. We got presented with a lovely photo album with all the photos inside, a CD disc with all 20 photos on and a recording of the scan on a DVD. As we had been given the ‘gold package’ to review, we were given a gold bag with all our little bits inside. It was a beautiful little touch.

All in all, this is the most amazing scan that we have both experienced and we left feeling so happy that we had the chance to see our son in such good quality. I would 100% recommend Peekaboobaby to anybody in and around Cardiff as they really do have the best scanning equipment I have ever seen. We have had a few scans so far in the pregnancy, and this really was up there as the best. The lady was amazing at her job and I really do encourage anyone thinking of having a 4D scan to do it. It really does makes you feel so much closer to your baby, as you really get an idea of what they will look like, and a glimpse into the life that they lead inside you.

If you would like to book any of the scan packages they have to offer then just click here. Or you can contact them via phone on 08000 025 938 or send them an email over at You can also complete the online form over on their website here

If you would like to see all the photos we had then I shall upload them under this;

We were really lucky to be gifted this scan but all opinions are my own.



  1. March 24, 2016 / 8:57 pm

    Oh wow! Those photos are fantastic!!! x

  2. July 8, 2016 / 4:01 am

    I see all 4d scan "peekaboobaby" photos.Amazing !!We should my wife try 4d scan

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