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I was lucky enough to be invited for a 4D scan at Babybond Cardiff, and I was really excited to experience the scan for the second time. When I was pregnant with Josh (four years ago!!), I had my 4D scan with Babybond, so I already knew what to expect. However, four years have passed and technology has become far superior. It really amazes me how well you can see their little faces on the tiny screen. Perfectly with this scan, you can find the measurements and weight of your baby. Excitedly, we headed off. I popped the postcode we were given into the sat nav and waited patiently for it to direct us there. With ease and excitement, we arrived there within ten minutes. After parking outside the building, we were directed to a side door. After two minutes of pressing the bell, I realised the door was open already (stupid me!). Then, we were greeted and sat down in a lovely, warm waiting area with plenty of seats for us all. 

They had a lovely table and chairs for younger children to sit at, and a water machine available to anyone who wanted a drink. The drinks machine was definitely Josh’s favourite part of the entire trip. He loves getting the cups and filling them up with water, so he can hand them out to anyone who would take them from him. I was given a form to fill out by a member of staff. Once read and signed, I was asked to follow the lady upstairs for the scan. I had with me my best friend Laura, my son Josh, Will and both of our mum’s. Off we all went upstairs to a room with a bed, the scanning equipment and a few chairs so everybody could sit down and get comfy. 


 The room was lovely and spacious, and I hopped straight on to the bed as soon as we got inside the room. The lady who scanned me was lovely; she explained what she would be doing, asked me how my pregnancy was going and interacted with Josh as much as possible. This was to ensure he could feel included in the scanning experience, and it made me feel so happy and at ease. I was scanned for a good 25 minutes, and I was shown everything possible from his little feet to his tiny little hands. We heard his heartbeat and saw his little heart beating, it was lovely. First of all, we were shown our baby in 2D, this was where we got to see his body, his face structure, his little ribs and where he was laying in my stomach. As his little head was so low down, the lady was worried we would not be able to get any good pictures. How wrong was she? The photos are amazing and we are so happy with them. She really took her time scanning me, we could see his his lovely little lips, his big eyes and his teeny little nose. I could feel him moving all around me and changing positions. We watched him as he wiped his eyes, yawned, and sucking away (she told me they learn the sucking technique in the womb before they come out and use it for drinking!). It is truly amazing to be able to see him do everyday movements in 4D on a screen. I find it incredible what they can do. 

We were told his weight is 2lb 15 which is mad because we were told he weighed only 2lb 6 three days earlier! When I had my scan with Josh at 30 weeks and 3 days, he only weighed 3lb 1. Clearly, his little brother is packing on the weight!! I was told his estimated birth weight is 9lb!!! Joshua was only 6lb 3 born and I was hoping for the same this time around, but its not looking likely. After, we looked through all of the pictures the lady told us she was going to print lots out, put them all on a USB stick and give us a DVD to watch of the entire thing which is so thoughtful. She even handed Josh and both Nan’s a photo each which was such a lovely gesture and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

If you are thinking of having a 4D scan, I would highly recommend booking one. They are incredible, and it’s really so amazing being able to see the tiny little human you have created in 4D. Watching them move around kicking and hitting you, seeing their tiny, little features and being able to really imagine what your baby will look like. Babybond were such a lovely bunch, they really took the time and effort to explain in small detail what they could see, and really tried hard to get the best pictures possible for you to take home and show your family. I really loved how Josh was included and talked to throughout, and as we left he said to the lady ‘well that was lovely’ and it really melted my heart. This scan has made me ten times more excited about giving birth (apart from the fact he may be a giant of course!) and I can’t thank them enough for the lovely experience they let us all have as a family. Being able to look at hime and watch his every move, has made us all feel million times closer to him. Truly, this was an experiment that neither of us will forget anytime soon. 

It was only  when we were home did I realise that the lovely lady even put this message on Josh’s print out ‘To josh my big brother xx’ How lovely is that? Such a thoughtful kind gestured lady! Josh loves it and we are going to get it framed for his bedroom! 

If you want to see some of the prints we got, I have uploaded some to view;

The photos are amazing aren’t they? You can really see his features so clear and perfectly. 

Babybond offer such a wide variety of scans.  Anything from an early scan (7-11 weeks) gender scans (16-32 weeks) to the amazing 4D bonding scans (24-32 weeks) which is what I had.  The whole experience and the people who work there make you feel at complete ease. I would say is 100% worth the price. The time and effort they go to to ensure you have an amazing experience, lovely photos and a DVD to even watch back everything that happened is really worth it in every sense to me. I wouldn’t think twice about booking another 4D scan if I was to have another child. I highly recommend anyone who is unsure to go for it as you will not regret it. The bonding you feel is so special and he’s not even here yet. I also feel like it has helped Josh come to terms with becoming a big brother more, as he could actually see his little face more human like, rather than just a 2D scan you would usually only have for your entire pregnancy.

Why choose to have a 30 minute 4D bonding scan appointment?

Our extended diagnostic 4D bonding scan appointments are about creating beautiful 4D scan images and video recordings of your baby with a range of storage media for you to choose from. At the same time, you get the reassurance of a growth measurement report with estimation of your baby’s weight performed by an experienced health care professional; bonding and growth reassurance in one convenient appointment. All of these features are included in the primary purpose of the scan, which means if your baby’s position is not favourable for any of them on the day, you’ll have the option of a free rescan.

Your baby’s position, gestational age and maternal BMI are just some of the key factors for obtaining aesthetically pleasing 4D imaging during your scan. Compared to our shorter, more affordable simply4D 15 minute appointment, this 30 minute 4D scan makes time for video or movie clip recordings and to book as early as 24 or as late as 32 weeks. On a few occasions at these earlier and later gestations, your baby’s size and position may mean 4D imaging takes a little longer for aesthetically pleasing results.’

To book it’s so easy, you can either ring up, email or fill out the form online. It asks you all the questions needed and it only takes a few minutes to complete.  If you have any questions you want to ask babybond click here and they will be happy to answer any queries you may have. They are also on facebook. Please let me know if you decide to have one as I would love to see your photos and hear all about your experience. I hope it’s as amazing as ours was!

There are different 4D scans available at babybond which include;

We were gifted this experience by babybond*



  1. March 14, 2016 / 3:22 pm

    You got some amazing pictures! How lovely of the lady to include Josh as much as she could,
    I had a sexing scan at baby bond with my youngest and had a great experience with them x

  2. March 14, 2016 / 6:57 pm

    Fab pictures! I had a 4d scan with our girls and it was amazing! We got pictures and a dvd! x

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