I have been struggling with work for the last few weeks what with the ridiculously early starts and lack of sleep. I would be going to bed around 8/9pm struggling to fall asleep and waking constantly with leg cramps and severe heart burn (and the need to pee every two seconds!) Hearing my alarm at 3-30am most mornings was torture. I would wake up and drag myself out of bed and in to my uniform. I was really struggling with all the lifting and bending and the amount of walking I was doing each morning. Once home I would feel so washed out that whenever Josh wanted me to get up and play it would take all my energy just to get up off the sofa. I really felt like a bad parent and so guilty that I decided I needed to make a trip to the doctors to see if they could give me anything as a boost of energy.

I explained everything that I was feeling, how tired and drained I constantly felt. All the pain/heartburn and leg cramping and she decided it was best to sign me off work until I had planned to take my maternity leave. I really wanted to work for as long as I could as the exercise the roughly 13 thousand steps I would do each morning was helping to keep me active. All in all though I do think its for the best, not only for me but for my mum. It means she doesn’t have to get out of bed with Josh any more and I really hope that benefits her health as she has done so much for me.

Now to spend the just under ten weeks to prepare myself to become a family of four and have two little boys to occupy myself with. I really am looking forward to the next adventure in our life and also the rest leading up to it (as much rest that can be taken with a hyper three year old!) The doctor ordered plenty of warm baths which is something I cannot wait for! I do already miss my friends from work, but my health is far more important and I will do anything to keep myself as healthy as can be.

Have you been signed off before?



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