Easter crafts with Josh

Since Josh started nursery in september he has come such a long way. He started and was such a mess, crying and screaming and refusing to go in. Fast forward to now and he’s amazing runs in, turns around gives me a kiss and a wave and off he goes! He gets sent home with countless letters and tasks and I really enjoy doing them with him when we get home.

For easter they were set a task to make an easter basket and got told that they may be left with a little treat to put inside. So off I popped to Sainsburys and picked up a basket, some craft bits and some little chicks to decorate with. I have run out of glue so I just stuck lots of cellotape down and hoped for the best. I sat Josh on the floor with all his craft bits open and told him to stick away and he had a ball. He started covering one side with goggly eyes until I told him he needed to use all the craft things and then he got a little more creative.

It doesn’t look perfect obviously but what three year old makes a perfect easter basket? The main thing is he really enjoyed himself and I think he did a really good job. Its lovely bright and colourful and Im sure his teacher will fill it with a lovely little easter egg as a treat for his hard work! I really love doing crafts and painting with Josh. Next on my list is avenger hand print designs that my friend showed me for his new bedroom.  I plan on framing them for his wall and I can’t wait to see the finished look.

Do you do lots of crafts with your children?



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