As I have said previously, I love personalised clothing. I have always bought Josh one off tops that not many kids will have as dressing him and choosing his outfits for the day has always been something I have enjoyed doing. I love finding companies online that are made from people just like me and you, it makes me feel happy buying from small run businesses. Even better when you find companies who really put an effort in their designs and the quality of the clothing they make. 

I have never purchased from Hudson Reign before. A few of my friends have and I see a lot of outfit of the day’s pop up on my facebook and I always feel the need to get one for Josh. This top is a regular that I see and I love it so much. You can personalise it with any name and the sizes range from 3-6 months up until 5/6 years. Josh’s is a 4/5 and fits him well (he’s usually in a next 2/3) You can pick between grey white or black and long or short sleeves. 

I went for a black long sleeve top with Joshua on. He wore it to a party yesterday and had so many compliments! My best friend also purchased the black short sleeve versions for her two boys, so I included a photo of them rocking them (how cute do they both look!) I can’t wait to buy baby number two one and match them all up.

We have such a similar taste when it comes to clothes, her little boy she dresses just the same as I am going to dress the new baby when he arrives. In fact she has given me his entire wardrobe to choose from so I am extremely lucky to have such a lovely friend. Ollie and Josh have always had the same clothes. Mainly from Zara and Next and the same t shirts from companies online as we have the exact same style.

Hudson Reign clothing is lovely, The quality is fantastic and the tops feel really thick and I can tell that they will last. Unlike other companies I have bought from recently after one wash the letters have fallen off and the quality is really poor. They are really stretchy and feel really soft on Josh. He says he feels comfy which is all that matters. I will 100% be buying more from their website as this top was only £12. A few of my friends have expressed love for this top too so I shall be buying a few as presents for their little boys.

I think I am going to add the grey long sleeved top, and the white t shirt to his collection next. I have a little bit of a clothing addiction when it comes to Josh can you tell?

Have you ordered from them before? If not I would definitely recommend them.



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  1. March 21, 2016 / 9:23 am

    Lovely top! I love that not many other people will have it! x

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