Mothers day; My best friend

Happy mothers day! 

Mothers day is about celebrating and appreciating your mum and that is something that I hope I already do every single day. My mum is super special to me, she does absolutely everything possible to help and support me and I couldn’t be any luckier. 

She wakes up At 530am most mornings with Josh while Im in work, she drives him to nursery, plays and entertains him for hours she is like his second dad. She washes and irons all  my clothes (she still leaves my work clothes outside my bedroom every morning!) she really is the cutest most helpful person you could ask for in a Mother. She does it all with such ease even though I know secretly she struggles on a daily basis. She has chronic kidney failure which leaves her so tired she can barely stay awake. She has heart failure which all the symptoms are starting to pop up more and more as the months go by. She also has a severe back problem where she can barely walk for long periods of time, has to sit up just to sleep at night, and most days has to stand up just to eat her food.

Even with all that she goes through she will still put me and Josh first. She makes sure we always have everything that we need, we always have clean clothes and are fed, and as much as I try and help out and do it all, she insists its what keeps her going. Josh idolises his nanny and I couldn’t be any prouder of her. She really is our rock and without her I wouldn’t know what to do. She is always so tired but still wakes up so early with Josh, it must be so difficult for her but she still does it day after day and I appreciate her more than anyone else.

I can’t wait to give her a second grandson, and for her to hold my hand through labour (alongside Will) like she did with Josh. She was such an amazing support and I wouldn’t chose to have anybody else next to me. She will always be the first person I go to when I need someone, when I need advice or help with anything.  Josh is such a clever little boy and thats down to my mum too, she has been there for him every single day since he was born and has been such a major part in his little life. We would be completely lost without her and I love her more than anything.

So happy mothers day Mumma bear, without you me and Josh wouldn’t be as happy and as loved as we are. I promise to still be bugging you every single day even when we move into our own little house.



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