33 weeks pregnant really? That’s only 7 weeks until my due date – crazy. This pregnancy has flown by week by week. It doesn’t feel like that long ago me and Will were sat at 7 weeks getting a scan to check everything was ok! He is the size of a cauliflower this week and weighs anything from 4-6lb (I’m guessing more the 6lb as I am so anxious he’s going to be huge)

I have been signed off work for two weeks and to say it has helped me is an understatement. I feel so much more able to look after Josh and look after myself. I still feel constantly drained but that’s just a normal part of being heavily pregnant. I keep getting the worst leg cramps in bed whenever I move and I can’t wait for them to disappear.  My stomach has been ridiculously itchy too and I’m hoping that doesn’t mean I am going to get covered in stretch marks. I managed to steer clear of them when I was pregnant with Josh and I am hoping this time around the same happens.

I can’t believe how big I am either. When I was pregnant with Josh no one even knew at this point as I didn’t really tell many people and I could still easily hide it. Not a chance this time, as I keep getting ‘Not long till you pop now by the looks of you’ ‘Wow you have seriously grown’ My bump is so much bigger which I am hoping is down to being a second pregnancy rather than a bigger baby! 

I have already packed my changing bag and just waiting to buy a few more bits for my hospital bag. I love to feel prepared and I will feel less on edge when they are complete. Im getting more and more nervous as the weeks go down by how It’s going to affect Josh. I guess only time will tell but I’m hoping he takes to being a big brother with ease.

I don’t need to buy anything for him as I have pretty much raided the entire collection’s of next since I found out he was going to be a boy. Plus I have a lovely best friend and cousin who have both recently had boys and I am lucky enough to be stealing all their clothes off them to. I am having a baby shower in the next few weeks which my sister in law is planning which I am excited about. I can’t wait to have everyone in one room for a chat, a few games and some nibbles.

Did your second pregnancy feel faster than your first?


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