Pregnancy is such a lovely thing. Something that you can really look forward to going through. You get the exciting part where you’re watching your baby grow inside you with each scan. The experience is an amazing one to go through, however t it can come with its fair share of embarrassing issues. At every midwife appointment, I have attended my midwife has told me the importance of doing your kegal exercises daily to improve your risk of pregnancy incontinence. Kegal exercises are very important as they help to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles which then help to support you during pregnancy and after childbirth.

Although pregnancy incontinence is something I am lucky enough to not yet experience, around two thirds of pregnant ladies suffer with this problem. There are lots of different types of incontinence that a person can suffer with such as; passing urine when sneezing/coffee and problems whilst trying to pass urine. This is something some ladies may struggle to talk about, but it is such a common symptom that nobody should feel embarrassed about it. I feel that this symptom is an aspect of pregnancy that should be highlight more to ensure that people are aware that it is ok. 

Hartmann group is a company who specialise in incontinence products for both men and women. These include incontinence pants and pads. All you have to do is use the product selector tool to determine what product you may need. It really is such an easy process and very helpful.

From looking on the website and the views and reviews of customers who have purchased, these two items seem to be most popular. They have amazing reviews from different customers who suffer with incontinence.  The molimed comfort pad and the molicare mobile super which are both designed with complete discreet comfort in mind.

Some of the reviews by satisfied customers include;

‘Excellent product backed up by speedy and reliable service I would recommend to anyone.’

‘Good absorption, the flexible tape is very handy too. Overall a very good product.’

‘these incontinence briefs are excellent I certainly intend to use them regularly In the future excellent value for money very good product thank u’

They have plenty of different products available to suit nearly every need. They vary in absorbency and are very comfortable. All their products are discreet to wear which is very important.

Overall, if you are on the look out for something discreet and protective these are something to look in to. It is a very sensitive subject but hopefully as these are so discreet they will make you feel more at ease with going out and about without having to worry.


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