Friends from afar

One of my lovely best friends came all the way down from Watford last weekend to come and visit me and be at my baby shower and I was so excited to see her. Obviously living so far away from each other makes it a lot harder to see each other which I really do hate. She only stayed for the one night as she had work on the Monday morning but it was so lovely being able to see her. We spent the Saturday afternoon at my baby shower and had a lovely time she even painted my toe nails before we went as I can’t reach them any more! (What a true friend!)

She had an early night on the Saturday as the traveling and all day outside in the heat gave her such a bad migraine and I really felt for her as we didn’t have that long together so it was rubbish timing! After a lovely nights sleep (for her anyway I wake up every hour to pee!) she felt so much better and I decided to treat us both to a Fino Lounge breakfast. I love going to the Fino Lounge for pancakes and a milkshake so wanted her to enjoy the same experience! She went with a strawberry milkshake and pancakes with maple syrup and bacon. Who even has that? Can someone else agree with me that it’s such a random choice of toppings for a sweet pancake.

I went with a more normal choice of strawberries and bananas and I loved it as per usual. A chocolate milkshake to go with it and its your perfect breakfast especially for a warm Sunday morning. I love the decor in the Fino Lounge and Laura took a few photos on her camera that I thought I would share too.

We then come back and walked Josh to the park close to my house which he loves. He had the magical monkey from nursery that weekend and he was so excited. The idea is to take the monkey on lots of adventures taking photos along the way and sharing it in the nursery photo book, so they can all read about it back at nursery Monday morning. Josh took the monkey to a play place with his friends on the Friday. Saturday he took him to the park and to mummy’s baby shower and Sunday, he took him for a ride on our tortoises and another trip to the park to play with his digger he really did have a busy weekend.

On the way there Laura also took these lovely photo’s of Josh in his favourite little tunnel. I love his outfit its so bright and summery and all from Zara.

I really do wish she lived closer to me but it makes the times we have together even more special and I can’t wait to see her again in August when she comes down to take a trip to Barry island! 



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  1. May 27, 2016 / 3:22 pm

    you little babe. everyone has maple syrup and bacon :') xxx

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