Happy Fathers Day

To my lovely boyfriend on Fathers day.

Thank you for taking away my single parent status. I may have struggled at first to share the responsibility of my little boy with you but you made me and I am really happy that you did. I love how you have taken on a then lively two/three year old and from day one treated him like your own son. You teach him right and wrong and are a lot stricter than I am with him which I know is because you love him and want the very best for him. Nothing makes me happier than Josh and Freddie having such a good role model to look up to. You became a dad this year to our lovely little bundle of joy but to me you know you really became a dad the moment you met Josh. Anyone would find it difficult to bring up a child who isn’t biologically theirs but you have done such an amazing job and with such ease. Im sure people wondered what you would be like when Freddie was born, but you have given Josh even more attention than usual and that shows the type of person you are. Josh isn’t the easiest of children to keep entertained but you somehow manage it every day. You may be the grumpiest person when you’re tired but I wouldn’t want to share the sleepless nights with anybody else. I really do love how you would do anything to keep a smile on both your boys little faces and we are extremely lucky to have you. I bet you can’t wait to have more baths with Josh just so he will wash his hair. I know it must be lovely to have him chuck dirty bath water over your head but you don’t mind in the slightest. 

You helped bring Freddie in to the world (but I wouldn’t mind some of the praise that you’ve been getting too mind! I mean I only pushed him out…) and you were treated with a baby that couldn’t look any more like you. I can’t wait to see the bond you have with them both get even greater. I also can’t wait to be chased around by all three of you with pretend guns and swords. I love having a house full of boys and an amazing daddy to share them with. I love watching you with Freddie and the love in both of your eyes. The way Josh asks where you are every hour that you’re in work shows the love he has for you. I asked him why he loves you and his reply? ‘He plays with me and cuddles me in the man cave, but he really didn’t do a good job of building this hot wheels track did he mum?’

I refuse to write any more as you get praised enough (surely your head can’t get any bigger?) but as much as I moan at you how hard you find waking up, you really do help me an awful lot and I am truly grateful. 

PS thanks for doing most the night feeds Freddie told me how much he loves to cuddle you at 2am, and thank you for all the times you have given me some much needed rest by running just wild in the garden. 

As long as you carry on being the daddy you’ve become I can see us with a lovely little football team of boys!!! (Im joking grandparents not just yet don’t panic!!!)



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