3 Top Wedding Invitation Tips to Get Your Invites Just Right

When you are planning your wedding, your wedding invitations are one of the first things that your guests see. The invitations will give your guests the first impression of your wedding through the invite. They will be able to tell if it is going to be a classic wedding, or something completely different. So it is important that you get the invites right and just as you want them. There are no right and wrong ideas, as the style and tone are completely up to you. So here are just a few ideas for you to think about, as you get planning. How you do them is, of course, up to you.



Think About Colour

In my opinion, it is nice when the theme and colour of the wedding carries through all aspects. I like if the invitations have a similar style to the order of service cards or even the place cards and menu at the reception. So before you send out your invites, have an idea of the colours that you want in your wedding. You don’t have to give the game away by having them be in the colours that the bridesmaids will be in. But you could choose complementary colours, so it all carries through.

Think About Style

Along similar lines as the above point, it is good to know the style of the invite that you will want. Will you want a traditional style, with two envelopes, for example? Will it have traditional wording, where the parents are the ones doing the inviting? You could choose to have more modern invitations, or perhaps even quite quirky ones. I have seen people send out a postcard style, instead of a classic opening card style. There are so many different styles to choose from out there. So have a look online to see what is available. You could visit Pure Invitation for personalised wedding invites and see the styles that they offer. Then see what is right for you.



Keep It Simple

When designing your wedding invitation, it is a good idea to keep things quite simple. Have you ever opened up an invite and it is just full of information? It can be hard to know what to read first. Of course, there are certain things that you need on there. Who is invited, names, dates and locations are of course key. It might be a good idea to keep things like the gift registry, or other details separate from the main invite, though. These are often sent in the envelope, just on a different piece of card or paper. It isn’t considered very polite to put those details on the main invite. It also makes the invite look less elegant when it is cluttered with all sorts of information. It is also a good idea to put any other information, like maps or location details separately too. If you have a wedding website, then you could upload all of the information there, and direct your guests to it.


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