The only thing I can think that I have read this week, is Freddie’s notes at the hospital. Our poor little boy was pumped with lots of antibiotics this week to fight off whatever it was he had. He had to have the drip through his head, as they couldn’t find any of his veins in his hands/feet and arms. It fell out twice and it was horrible watching them put it back in. He is much better now and I am so happy to have my happy baby back, and be back with Josh.

All I have watched this week was the four walls of a hospital room! It was rubbish being stuck in hospital and watching Freddie go through so much being so little. The little hat they made on his head to keep the drip in place was really cute. Look at him, even with a silly hat on his head he looks so beautiful! We tried to watch a film in hospital on Netflix but we couldn’t agree on any! Will ended up watching a few films while I napped! I have also enjoyed watching Josh’s imagination come out this week, he has really come along with playing by himself for a little bit, while I am busy tidying or doing something. I love listening to him and watching what he gets up to. He has a wild imagination and is a pleasure to watch.

I have heard the laughter from my little boy as he we re united with his little brother! Freddie has really started to smile this week and he has such a gorgeous smile. Every time he smiles and we all smile, Josh shouts ‘Look at me I can smile too’ and gives the cutest little smile. We have also heard a lot of screams from poor Freddie this week! The cutest thing I heard was Josh asking me if he could take in little Mickey to hospital to cheer up his brother. The fact he thought about it himself and wanted to make his brother happy made me so proud. He really has come a long way these past few weeks becoming a big brother and I couldn’t be any happier.

Made this week, a mess? Josh has a thing for lining up all his cars in to ‘traffic jams’ and making a ‘car park.’ He loves playing with his cars the most out of all of his toys. He has 100’s this isn’t even all of his collection! Another thing he loves is Paw Patrol. He came running in to me and asked if we could collect all of his Paw Patrol toys and stack them up together. Who was I to say no, he was so proud of his little collection and plays with them all the time. He loves his vehicles and little figures and he is so cute to watch. I really enjoy sitting and watching how he plays, he has got so much better at entertaining himself lately!

As my mum had full control over what Josh wore this week, his outfits just weren’t up to scratch. Take this out fit for example, I love the jumper on him (from Zara) put to put it with these leggings, pulled up white socks and minion crocs? Mum what were you thinking? He looks like a green power ranger me and Will had to laugh at her choice. Lucky enough Will sneakily packed spare clothes when he picked him up to bring him in to the hospital and normal service was resumed. I love you mum, but you haven’t got an eye for fashion do you?

Look at my beautiful boy in his little bird outfit from mothercare. I have never really purchased anything from this range before, but one of my friends little girl is always dressed so lovely and all her clothes are from this range. She told me they do an amazing baby range and I had to check it out. I want so many more things, my poor bank balance!

Other than the awful stuff that happened this week, we did have a lovely picnic at Victoria park. Will’s mum packed us up a picnic and took this lovely ice cream tent for Josh to play with and he loved it. It was meant to be the start of my healthy eating which yet again failed, as the goodies on offer were too hard to resist. They have opened up a new splash park that looked amazing for all the kids, Josh being strange didn’t want to go in as he was a little scared. If they had stuff like that when I was younger I would of been straight in! So this week has been a really rough week for us all, but now we are home and I have two healthy happy boys I really feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Time’s like this really do make you appreciate things so much more.


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