Wedding Guest SOS! Stress-Busting Tips For Busy Parents During Wedding Season

Wedding season is in full swing. If you’re a parent trying to plan wedding outfits and logistics, life can get stressful. Are you going to a wedding soon? Hopefully, these stress-busting tips will enable you to enjoy wedding season without any glitches.

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Plan ahead

Scheduling is an essential for busy parents with lots of summer events to attend. If you’ve got invitations flooding in, plan ahead. Work out where you’re going to stay and who is going to look after the kids. Call in favours from relatives and close friends. If you need to take time off work, book in advance.

You should be able to tell from the invitation whether or not children are welcome. Many couples will specify if they don’t want guests to bring children. If you can take the kids, you won’t need to worry about arranging childcare, but there may be other considerations. You may wish to think about booking a taxi home slightly earlier, for example.

Attending weddings abroad

More and more people are deciding to get married abroad. You may see this as an opportunity for a family holiday. Or it may throw you into a panic about packing, arranging flights and paying for the trip. If you want to go to the wedding, but you fear it may be stressful, you could ask siblings or parents to go with you. They can help out with the babysitting, and you can make a proper family break out of it. Once you’ve received the information you need, start looking at flights and accommodation. You often find that flight prices increase with time. If there’s a group of you going, it may be cheaper to rent a villa or an apartment and split the cost.

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Deciding what to wear

When you’re a parent, you tend to focus on shopping for your kids. Finding a perfect wedding outfit may be daunting, but it can also be fun. Look for inspiration in magazines and organise a shopping trip. Sometimes, there is a set dress code. In other cases, you have free reign to wear what you want. If the couple has designed personalised wedding stationery, you may find clues to the theme and the level of formality. If it’s a beach wedding, the dress code may be more relaxed than a traditional church ceremony, for example.

If you have lots of weddings, buying a new outfit each time can add up. Invest in a couple of dresses and switch up your look by using different accessories. Add a statement necklace to a plain dress, or change your bag and shoes.

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If you’re a parent, you’ll know all too well how busy life is on a day to day basis. If you’re trying to book flights, find hotels and work out to wear, it can all get too much. Hopefully, these hints will eliminate stress, and enable you to enjoy some memorable days out.


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